Alabama Patent of the Month – June 2024

Adventech LLC, experts in electrical motors, has recently been granted a patent for their efficiently powered, enhanced reverse-winding induction motor. This invention utilizes a novel arrangement of electrical motors, each equipped with forward and reverse windings, to optimize inductive power factor conditions. By integrating additional electrical motors into the network, the system achieves a corrected inductive power factor, significantly reducing the initial inductive component and enhancing overall efficiency.

Central to this invention is the unique design of the motors. Each motor comprises forward and reverse windings that create overlapping magnetic flux spaces, contributing to negative reactive power. This configuration not only improves power factor correction but also maintains industry-standard motor encasement sizes, ensuring compatibility and ease of implementation.

The corrected inductive power factor condition reduces the current lag behind voltage, addressing a common inefficiency in traditional motor networks. Additionally, the use of capacitors in series with the reverse windings further refines the motor’s performance, enhancing its operational stability and longevity.

Adventech’s innovation promises substantial improvements in power management and energy efficiency. The ability of the network to variably correct power factors without altering the electrical components involved ensures a robust and adaptable solution for various applications. This advancement is poised to transform industries reliant on induction motors, offering both economic and environmental benefits through reduced energy consumption and improved performance.

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