Arizona Patent of the Month – June 2021

Eye-tracking systems have been incorporated into a variety of technology, from computers to tablets, to LED-screen information systems. They utilize near-infrared LEDs to direct infrared light to the user’s eyes, while a camera captures and tracks eye movement and determines the user’s gaze point on the display. Some of these systems have difficulty dealing with errors caused by glare – for instance from a user’s glasses. They can also have difficulty accurately tracking gaze when the user is looking toward the far edges of the display. EyeTech Digital Systems, Inc. has designed an improved system which can overcome these limitations.

Their system utilizes a multi-mode tracking system for better control. The system first uses alternating illuminators, followed by activating both simultaneously. The scheduled time for individual illumination is based on the acquisition of individual frames – so once a sufficient number of frames are achieved for calculations, the next individual illuminator is activated. Then both are activated. By measuring individually first, it creates a more precise pupil centre measurement. When both are illuminated, they get more precise user distance and gaze tracking measurements using these individual calculations as the base.

Their technology has a wide range of applications, but health-based AI is one of the most exciting. For instance, nonverbal patients could utilize eye-tracking tablets to quickly communicate. It also provides a completely functional hands-free computer experience for those with mobility disorders.

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