Arizona Patent of the Month – May 2024

Katalyst Space Technologies, LLC has been granted a patent for their in-orbit mesh network designed to revolutionize satellite operations. This innovative network comprises multiple space situational awareness enhancement modules, which can be attached to host satellites, enhancing their capability to detect, track, and navigate around other in-orbit objects. Each module is equipped with a suite of sensors, including spatial position sensors, range sensors, navigation sensors, and proximity sensors, enabling precise determination of location, speed, acceleration, and orbital trajectory of nearby objects.

Katalyst Space Technologies was founded with the intention of upgrading satellite technology post-launch. They develop the tools needed to service satellites in space, giving operators time to keep their satellites at the leading edge.

The modules communicate with each other to form a robust in-orbit mesh network, significantly improving space situational awareness. This network can seamlessly integrate with host satellites through specially designed attachment mechanisms that ensure secure and reliable connections. The inclusion of versatile communication interfaces, such as electro-optical, RADAR, LIDAR, IR, and RF, allows the modules to gather detailed information about the characteristics of space objects, enhancing overall safety and operational efficiency.

One of the key features of Katalyst’s invention is its adaptability and ease of integration. The modules can be attached pre-launch or retrofitted in orbit, providing flexibility for various satellite missions. Additionally, the modular design supports a hub-and-spoke network configuration, allowing for scalable expansion as additional host satellites and modules are deployed.

This advanced network not only enhances collision avoidance capabilities by enabling real-time data sharing and high-fidelity simulations but also extends the operational life and functionality of existing satellites. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and autonomous or semi-autonomous operations, Katalyst’s in-orbit mesh network paves the way for new satellite-based business models and applications, ensuring that space assets remain state-of-the-art and resilient in an increasingly crowded and complex orbital environment.

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