Arkansas Patent of the Month – December 2021

After an operation or injury to the shoulder, it is suggested to hold the afflicted arm in a stationary position, with the upper arm slightly elevated and away from the body. Various devices have been made to achieve this – from metallic arm supports to plaster casts. Each of these devices have limitations as they lead to patient discomfort and reduced patient mobility. You can increase comfort a little by adding in foam, pillows, and harnesses but these are also known to add bulk.

Xtreme Orthopedics, LLC has designed a more comfortable shoulder and arm restraint. Their design uses a torso pillow, padded forearm support, and a shoulder strap which sits across the clavicle of the opposite shoulder. The forearm support provides a more natural shelf for the patient’s arm to rest. The torso pillow can be strapped to the torso, to securely hold it in place.

The cutout is practical, allowing the patient to comfortably sit down or move around without limitation. The back of the shoulder carrier has a little cup where the elbow can rest, preventing the arm from sliding backwards and giving a greater support within the shelf. This shoulder and arm restraint combines the sensible demands of shoulder surgeons while combining the insights from customer feedback. 

Improving on devices and products that have distinct purposes can be incredibly challenging. The company had to consider a variety of features including shape, texture, fabric, and how to achieve a comfortable resting position. The shape of the rest is concave to most naturally rest against a human torso. 

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