Ebola Response, Recovery and Resilience in West Africa

Incentive Type:Grant Program
Technology, Research, Education, Agriculture,
Eligible Sector:
Financial Incentive
Time Period:
FY 2015
Governing Body:Agency for International Development
What’s it worth?:Not mentioned

The Ebola Response, Recovery and Resilience in West Africa program funds collaborative efforts designed to:

  • Strengthen local health systems
  • Advance global health security
  • Accelerate social mobilization and protection programs
  • Developing and deploying information communications technology
  • Improve basic education and workforce development
  • Increasing economic activity
  • Rapidly increasing electricity access in underserved areas

These efforts should offer solutions to address the challenges in the ongoing response, recovery, and resilience efforts in countries where Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) has had the greatest impact.  

$10 million is available for allocation with proposals not exceeding $2 million. Priority is given to applicants with the following criteria:

  • Alliance Value Proposition and Development Impact
  • Experience in Africa
  • Sustainability and Scalability
  • Geographic Coverage

Applicants are required to submit a short concept paper that does not exceed five pages with the following guidelines:

  • Proposed Alliance Title
  • Alliance Objectives
  • Amount of Funding Requested
  • Contribution value
  • Proposal description
  • Private sector engagement
  • USAID Engagement
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Approach
  • Supporting Information

– Budget breakdown
– Letters of support
– Proposed Partners Contact Information
– Resource Contribution Table

Submitted concept papers must be complete and sent to USAID electronically before the deadline.