Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Program

Incentive Type:Grant Program
Energy, Agriculture
Eligible Sector:
Financial Incentive
Time Period:
FY 2015
Governing Body:Business and Cooperative Programs
What’s it worth?:$1,500 – $500,000

The Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Program provides funding to purchase and/or install renewable energy systems or make energy improvements for agricultural producers and rural small businesses. Funds may be used for but not excluded to:

  • Biomass
  • Geothermal for electric generation
  • Hydropower below 30 megawatts
  • Hydrogen
  • Small and large wind generation
  • Small and large solar generation
  • Ocean generation
  • High efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Insulation
  • Lighting
  • Cooling or refrigeration units
  • Doors and windows
  • Electric, solar or gravity pumps for sprinkler pivots
  • Switching from diesel to electric irrigation motor
  • Replacement of energy-inefficient equipment

This program’s funding includes grants and loans. Grants may be awarded of up to $500,000 equaling a total of up to 75% of eligible project cost.

Loan guarantees are also available for up to 75% of the total eligible cost. These loans may be granted from $5,000 to $25 million for a maximum of 30 years and an 85% loan guarantee. Eligible participants are excluded to agricultural producers with 50% of their gross income coming from agricultural operations, or small businesses located in eligible rural areas. The program does have some cost matching requirements depending upon the type of award received. All information can be found on the website with the application packet. All Applications must be submitted as completed forms before the deadline, late applications are not accepted.