Damian J. Smyth – Global CEODamian Smyth

  1. Damian Smyth has been Swanson Reed’s Chief Executive Officer since July 1st 2013.
  2. He began his career in general tax advisory and has been a Director of Swanson Reed since 2008.
  3. He has an interest in forward tax planning and substantiation advice. <learn more>
  4. He is part of a think-tank that is lobbying Congress to adapt of a U.K style Patent Box.  <learn more>
  5. He has an industry focus in power and electricity generation assets.
  6. Damian is passionate about fitness and is a die-hard supporter of the Houston Texans.


Professional and Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Business with Distinction
  • Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Member of the Tax Institute
  • Registered Tax Preparer and Tax Agent