Colorado Patent of the Month – January 2021

Safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance in any job. Accidents have a high price in both money and lives. Workplace accidents are usually caused by human error, especially when people are intoxicated. This is why many companies perform drug and alcohol tests in the event of an accident. However, people can be impaired in other ways, such as a lack of sleep, an illness, stress, or prescription medication; and in fact many workplace accidents are caused by non-drug/alcohol related reasons. In an effort to reduce workplace accidents from occurring, Predictive Safety SRP, Inc. has developed an alertness test to detect impairment in employees. 

Administered through an electronic device, the alertness test is sent when an individual arrives at a specific location. The test identifies whether or not an individual is alert enough to perform specific tasks at that location. The test includes a disrupter to distract the individual and identifying multiple objects, among other measures. The individual’s test responses are collected and if his alertness is determined to be insufficient for the task’s requirements, the computer program from which the test originates, takes steps for remedial action, including the following:

  • Notifying the individual’s supervisor
  • Sounding an alarm
  • Disabling equipment
  • Writing a log entry on file

Predictive Safety SRP’s alertness test stops impaired individuals from making mistakes that can lead to workplace accidents. 

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