Colorado Patent of the Month – March 2022

Mosquitos and flies are one of nature’s most prolific annoyances. Unfortunately, they can also carry pathogenic diseases including West Nile virus, Zike virus, and various bacterial and fungal infections. Insect repellants are filled with potentially harmful chemicals, fly traps are unsightly, and bug zappers are limited by their battery power.

SaltShot, LLC has a solution that requires no harmful chemicals, no electricity, and is a source of fun all at the same time. Their device, the SaltShot, is a portable, pocket-sized, lightweight flyswatter. Taking on the mechanics of a slingshot, this device launches a blast of salt at the insect. The elastic backing can shoot the salt up to 150 MPH, ensuring no bug stands a chance.

Salt provides a safe solution, removing any chance of harming the environment or exposure to toxic chemicals. In fact, salt is a known insecticide often used to take care of slug and snail infestations. In this device, salt acts as a projectile to be launched at the insect.

The SaltShot has two compartments. The first stores salt when not in use and also has a grinder to ensure it isn’t clumped up. When you want to use the SaltShot, the salt is transferred from the first compartment to the second which is designed as a propulsion puch. The user simply pulls back on the loaded propulsion pouch and releases. The salt launches out through a restricted opening, acting as an incredibly effective slingshot. The device is small and portable, making it easier to bring with you on a hike or use on your back deck – and you don’t have to swing a gross fly swatter around anymore.

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