Colorado Patent of the Month – May 2023

Certa Dose Inc., a medical device company, is focused on reducing dosing errors across the healthcare industry. The accuracy and efficiency of drug administration during emergency or critical care situations is critical, especially for pediatric patients where even a slight dosing error could lead to disastrous consequences. Certa Dose’s approach uses a color confirmation system to give healthcare providers the certainty that they are giving the correct dose of medication, empowering them to deliver medication safely to patients of all ages.

Traditional drug dosage determination is a multi-step process which creates numerous instances where error could be introduced. Determining the dosage is a multi-step mathematical calculation based on the weight of the patient. Once a dosage is determined, the drug administration phase begins, introducing additional potential for error. Certa Dose’s color confirmation system reduces the number of steps and the chance of error in each step.

Certa Dose’s medicine dispensing device includes a series of color-coded zones of varying widths marked on the surface, with each zone corresponding to a predetermined dose of the drug that is correlated to one of the physical characteristics of a patient. The device is marked such that the smallest dose of the drug to be administered corresponds to the first zone proximate to the opening through which the drug is dispensed. This device helps reduce the possibility of errors by simplifying the dosing process, and the device’s design ensures that the correct dose is dispensed.

The Certa Dose device is accompanied by a dosing label that helps medical personnel calculate the correct dose quickly and easily. The label is color-coded and corresponds to each color zone on the device, and each individual zone width corresponds to a drug dose based on one of the physical characteristics of a patient. The label also includes dosage calculations that enable medical personnel to administer the drug without the need for complex mathematical calculations, reducing the possibility of errors. Certa Dose’s device and label can be used with a wide range of medications and in various clinical settings.

Certa Dose’s newly patented medicine dispensing device and dosing label offer a reliable and efficient way to administer medications during emergency and critical care situations. The company’s story begins with a real-life event where a near overdose in the emergency room inspired a simple solution to one of the most challenging problems in medicine. For Dr. Caleb Hernandez, having a 5-year-old girl almost die under his watch because of a dosing error inspired him to find a better way. A small error, in calculation or administration, nearly resulted in the delivery of a ten times overdose of medicine. It’s hard to say which step would have introduced the error, so Certa Dose set out to simplify each step, leaving no stone unturned.

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