Colorado Patent of the Month – September 2021

Misty Robotics, Inc. is working on opening the world of robotics up to anyone. They believe robots have been limited to roboticists for far too long and have begun the task of giving developers the power to bring robots to life. They believe changing up the path that robots have been on will expand the opportunity for developing robots for business, personal, research, and educational purposes. One common caveat of robotic development is the difficulty in achieving anatomically complex movements 

Recently, they have been working on a robot neck mechanism to work towards these anatomically complex movements. The mechanism is designed to create smooth and consistent head motions which help to increase it’s ability to convey feelings and personality. Using a three-axis movement, the head  movement is more articulated and helps create human-robot interactions that benefit from visual approachability and familiarity. The mechanism is split between the neck, torso, and head housings. The pitch and roll axis mechanisms are combined into a single gimbal axis within the head housing. A drive assembly positioned within the neck and head housing moves the head relative to the neck. It can move about the sagittal, frontol, and vertical axis to create a broad range of motion. The design also pitches the head forward slightly and lowers the center of gravity to prevent the robot from tipping over. Overall, Misty Robotics is making big strides to bring the magic of robots to the every day world.

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