Connecticut Patent of the Month – May 2024

When we start lifting heavier weights, it becomes apparent that the rubber plated weights hit the ground with less noise than the metal plates. However, they also bounce back a lot more. This means we must choose between a quiet or a safe environment. Sound Shore Innovations LLC, an innovation consultancy firm, has recently been granted a patent for a solution that means you no longer have to choose between quiet and safety. With their modified bumper plate, weightlifters everywhere can say goodbye to the loud clanging and bouncing of traditional bumper plates.

Sound Shore Innovations has integrated elastomeric materials into the design of the bumper plates. These materials, with a durometer hardness equal to or lower than that of the rim, form a first shock absorber region in the body of the plate. This region comprises spaced holes strategically positioned to absorb noise generated when the plate is dropped on a hard surface. No more disruptive clatters echoing through the gym – these plates ensure a quieter environment for all.

Safety is paramount in any fitness endeavor, which is why these modified bumper plates are designed with durability and floor protection in mind. The elastomeric materials not only dampen noise but also reduce the impact force on the floor, minimizing damage and extending the lifespan of gym surfaces. Additionally, with a radial dimension ensuring ample coverage and a snug fit for weightlifting bars, these plates offer stability and security during lifts.

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