Georgia Patent of the Month – August 2021

Many hunters use animal attractants to up their success rate. Many of these attractants are food-based, water-based, or scent-based. The latter is the most versatile and readily applied at any hunt site. The limitation to these attractants is the degradation of potency as they begin to dissipate immediately after application. Arcus Hunting, LLC. has developed a scent-based attractant that overcomes these typical limitations.

The gel-based attractant is infused with an animal scent concentrate. The concentrate is made of at least one synthetic scent from a group of phenol derivatives, diaryl ethers, indole derivatives, or isochromene derivatives. These scents replicate natural animal scents (like urine) without actually needing urine or glandular extracts. The attractant is dispersed using an aerosol spray can. The gelling agent allows the applied animal attractant to maintain their potency and weight well after being applied. Tests show an evaporation rate less than 50 wt% after 1 hour. 

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