Georgia Patent of the Month – January 2023

AI Concepts LLC (HuntPro) is a powerful and scalable wildlife management technology platform. The company has built their trail camera platform using a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engine that allows users to instantly and easily access, manage, and understand wildlife populations and property activity.

Recently, the company has patented an intelligent recognition and alert system. Gone are the days of having to sift through endless footage of false positives caused by leaves, limbs or even irrelevant animals. The company has found a way to reduce these instances, making monitoring populations of animals easier, quicker, and more accurate.

The process begins with receiving content from a trail or surveillance camera. The user designates at least one target object, such as a deer, for detection within the content stream. The system references the target object profile within a database and analyzes the frames in the content stream, matching objects against the profile. The AI engine monitors for any presence of the target object and alerts the user.

For instance, a trail camera could be set up in a forest and set to alert a hunter when a buck passes by. The AI engine’s reference of the target object profile ensures falling leaves or roaming bunnies are no longer sending false alerts. This type of technology is scalable, offering a solution for ecologists who are studying a specific population, hunters who are after a specific prey, and even landowners who want to be alerted to trespassers.

The company was founded with the intention of developing a technical solution to trail camera picture “noise” and has scaled into a fully functional Wildlife Management Platform. Rather than sorting through hundreds – or thousands – of trail camera pictures, AI sorts it for you. Now, HuntPro is more than just automated image analysis and filtering; it is a platform designed to easily and quickly assist everyone from scientists to property owners, hunters, and more.

This method of intelligent recognition and alerting has wide-ranging applications, from monitoring cervid populations and tracking the spread of diseases like Chronic Wasting Disease to monitoring the makeup of animal populations based on age, sex, and species. This allows organizations, such as the Department of Natural Resources in various states, to track and monitor the overall health of large populations of relevant species.

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