GreenLight Biosciences Announces New Hires That Will Boost Its Plant Science R&D Team

Founded in 2008, GreenLight Biosciences is a biotechnology firm that offers innovative technology to process renewable substrates into valuable agricultural products.

At the beginning of 2019, GreenLight Biosciences decided to boost its R&D capabilities in RNA – based solutions in agriculture through hiring a multi-portfolio new team.

The new hires include:

  • David Culley

With decades of experience researching biochemistry, fungal genetics, genomics, and fermentation, Culley will join as the head of fungicide innovation.

  • Brian Manley

Manley has spent more than 20 years at Syngenta working in a progression of distinct R&D positions and will be joining GreenLight Biosciences as the head of field development. Manley will be involved with designing, leading and implementing field research programs in order to optimize the performance of new commercial products.

  • Laurent Mezin

Prior to joining GreenLight Biosciences as the new head of regulatory, Mezin spearheaded all regulatory and registration activities at SePRO Corporation where he was the regulatory and government affairs leader.  

  • Ken Narva

Boasting decades of experience developing and discovering insect control products, Narva’s responsibilities at GreenLight Bioscience include developing the firm’s pipeline of bio-insecticide products being head of entomology.

  • Chris Oppert

Oppert will assist as a crop protection scientist managing biocontrol development. With a dual B.S. degree in biology and biochemistry, Oppert has extensive industry experience with Bayer Crop Science.

  • Krish Sridharan

Sridharan is the new head of data science and will lead all facets of data science, statistics, bioinformatics and predictive analytics.

Chief operating officer Carole Cobb said “with a stellar R&D team, coupled with our unique platform capable of producing RNA-based products at industrial scale, we are well positioned to develop sustainable, targeted biocontrol solutions, bringing nature and technology together.”

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