Hawaii Patent of the Month – May 2024

HNU Photonics, LLC has pioneered an innovative anti-counterfeiting technology with the introduction of Color Holographic Quick Response (CHQR) labels. This sophisticated system seamlessly integrates CHQR labels with a robust encoding, scanning, and database management framework to ensure product authenticity and secure supply chains.

Based in Kahului Maui, Hawai’i, HNU Photonics is a science and technology company focused on creating cutting edge technologies for renewable energy, defense photonics, specialized optics, and medical imaging industries.

Each CHQR label is uniquely identifiable, boasting a distinct label identification number logged into a central database. The encoding system supports various storage and transmission methods, including visible, UV, and infrared wavelengths, as well as radio frequency scanning. This multi-spectrum approach enhances the labels’ versatility and security, making counterfeiting exceedingly difficult.

The accompanying scanning system, equipped with advanced hardware and software, decodes label information and updates the central database in real-time. It ensures that each scan is authenticated against the database, preventing unauthorized access and flagging counterfeit products. The system’s ability to log every interaction, including timestamp and geolocation data, provides a comprehensive audit trail for each product’s journey through the supply chain.

The CHQR system’s database is designed to handle intricate details such as raw materials, supplier information, and distribution data. This granular tracking capability allows for precise monitoring and management, ensuring transparency and accountability at every stage. The system can even identify discrepancies or unauthorized modifications by comparing scanned data with the original entries.

By leveraging cryptographic hash values, the system ensures data integrity and confidentiality. This method validates label data without storing the actual content, providing an additional layer of security. The CHQR labels can also support nested information, enabling detailed tracking of products from individual items to bulk shipments.

HNU Photonics’ CHQR technology represents a significant leap forward in anti-counterfeiting measures, offering a robust, multi-layered solution for product verification and supply chain management. This innovation not only enhances security but also builds trust and transparency in global commerce.

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