Idaho Patent of the Month – January 2022

Based in Idaho, Tedder Industries, LLC is one of the largest manufacturers of gun holsters and accessories for concealed carry in the United States. They encompass numerous brands from AlienGear holsters to Tactica. With nearly a decade of experience, they have mastered the art of designing quality and innovative holsters.

Recently, the company has designed a new holster which provides even greater security. Normally, a holster design has to compromise on one of two features. The holster can either provide easy and swift access to the weapon, making it quick to draw for the holder, or can be more securely held in place which makes it less likely for an unauthorized person to take it off the user. 

With Tedder’s latest design, they’ve achieved both quick draw abilities and secure holding. This means there is no need to compromise between quick use and safe keeping. Their design uses a locking mechanism that can be easily removed by the user when they intend to, but will not be easily removed by another person, or fall away on its own. The lock attaches from one side of the holster to the other, strapping over the weapon and holding in place by a button. The button can be pushed down to unlock the strap and allow the weapon to be pulled out. If somebody else tries to pull the weapon out, they would simply wind up pulling against the strap, unable to remove the weapon easily. The button is easily pushed by a downward force of a thumb, which is easy to do as the person wearing the holster. The angle needed to unlock the strap would be too awkward to be easily maneuvered by somebody else. The strap also prevents the weapon from falling out during day to day use.

By enhancing safety, Tedder ensures that their holsters are the optimal design for any concealed carry weapon. Safety always comes first, but having quick access no longer needs to be compromised to achieve it.

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