Illinois Patent of the Month – March 2021

Air purifiers help remove impurities from the air in a room and improve air quality. However many existing designs do not evenly distribute the purified air efficiently. This means the purifier has to work harder and longer to get the job done. ACCO Brands Corporation has designed an air purifier with dual exit paths to provide a more even distribution of purified air

This design includes an air movement device which pushes air through the exit paths. The first exit path is angled upwards. Depending on proximity to the ceiling, the air might hit the ceiling and disperse further. The second exit path has vents to allow for the direction of the air to be altered. This air flow is typically angled down towards the center of the room, but can be finetuned using the vent slats. Ideally, the air purifier would send the majority of the air through the second exit path, but the distribution between the two exit paths is also adjustable. The design further includes integration with a software that allows the user to see a quantified air quality measurement. The air purifier includes a sensor which projects a beam. As particulates in the air intersect the beam, the purifier tracks intersections per unit time, producing a numerical value for air quality. This software can also help to automatically adjust the vent slats and exit path distributions. 

About ACCO Brands Corporation

ACCO has been one of the world’s largest suppliers of academic, consumer and business products for more than a century. The company boasts a proud history of industry leadership, innovation and focus on delivering exceptional value for shareholders, customers and consumers by providing unique, leading-edge products.

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