Kansas Patent of the Month – May 2024

Veris Technologies, Inc. has been granted a patent for their innovative real-time soil-adjustment tool. This sophisticated system integrates multiple sensors and advanced control algorithms to optimize farming operations dynamically. At the heart of this invention are three key sensors: a first sensor measuring implement settings like depth and angle, a second sensor gauging temporal field properties such as moisture and temperature, and a third sensor assessing long-term soil properties like texture and organic matter through a soil electrical conductivity array. This array comprises four electrodes arranged in a modified square configuration, allowing precise measurement of soil conditions.

The real innovation lies in the controller that processes data from these sensors. It uses machine learning to adapt tool settings on-the-go, ensuring optimal performance based on real-time field conditions. For example, if the system detects increased soil moisture, it might adjust the tool’s depth or angle to prevent soil compaction and maintain ideal planting conditions. This adaptive capability helps farmers react swiftly to changing conditions, enhancing crop yield and soil health.

The system’s decision support algorithm can operate in two modes: manual and automatic. In manual mode, operators set thresholds for various soil conditions, receiving alerts when adjustments are needed. In automatic mode, the controller leverages historical data and global soil databases to autonomously fine-tune implement settings, learning from past operator adjustments to refine its responses continuously.

This groundbreaking technology not only optimizes immediate field operations but also records data for future reference, creating a robust database that can be shared across regions. By integrating below-ground soil sensors with above-ground optical sensors, the implement provides a comprehensive analysis of soil and plant conditions, enabling precise adjustments that maximize efficiency and productivity. Veris Technologies’ innovation marks a significant advancement in precision agriculture, offering farmers a powerful tool to navigate the complexities of modern farming with greater accuracy and ease.

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