Kentucky Patent of the Month – October 2021

Many companies track information on those who visit their web pages in an effort to better tailor advertisements to the visitor. This information can also help verify the identity of someone completing a transaction to try and prevent fraudulent purchases. Most of these identity tracking methods use cookies and user provided verification information. However, these methods can be or be seen as overly invasive and contribute to user’s privacy concerns. User provided data can also be forged and difficult to verify. El LLC is focused on revolutionizing digital media in all forms by creating cookie-free IP targeting methods.

Their method determines attributes associated with the user’s IP address including their physical address. It detects other attributes like whether the address is residential, commercial, in a hotspot or more. The address is determined based on the internet traffic originating from requests associated with the IP address including web page requests, demand-side platform requests and others. A set of secondary information includes the mapping of masked addresses which can indicate a physical address. The request data can then be compared against secondary sources to validate the geographic address. By comparing the two, El Toro is able to verify the address authenticity and prevent fraudulent transactions. With this new approach to online advertising, El Toro is opening up the ability to connect businesses and marketers to their customers. IP Targeting takes away the need for cookies, simply matching physical addresses to IP addresses.

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