Louisiana Patent of the Month – April 2024

The medical field constantly seeks innovations to improve safety and efficiency, especially in the realm of needle disposal. RedHawk Medical Products & Services, LLC has introduced a groundbreaking apparatus for destroying needles and sharp objects, addressing critical concerns regarding safety and efficacy.

Needles and various sharp objects are found everywhere in the medical field and must be safely disposed of to prevent contamination or unexpected pricks. This apparatus features an incineration port equipped with multiple electrodes, each meticulously designed for optimal performance. A power source provides electrical power to the electrodes, controlled by a sophisticated system comprising sensors, a processor, and a transistor. What sets this apparatus apart is its ability to infer the size of inserted needles or sharp objects, adjusting power flow accordingly to minimize sparking—a significant advancement in safety protocol.

The device incorporates ingenious design elements for enhanced functionality. The electrodes, with flat and angled portions, ensure efficient needle destruction. The offset angle and overhang length of each electrode are carefully calibrated to optimize performance. Materials like phosphor bronze and silver ensure durability and conductivity, vital for consistent operation.

Safety is paramount in medical equipment, and this apparatus exceeds expectations. A USB port facilitates communication with the processor, enabling seamless integration with other systems. A safety circuit monitors temperature, automatically disabling the power source if thresholds are exceeded—a crucial fail-safe mechanism.

The device’s integrated disposal container streamlines needle disposal, enhancing user convenience and minimizing risks of contamination. A syringe guide and optional fan further augment safety measures, ensuring user protection during operation.

RedHawk has redefined needle disposal with this innovative apparatus, setting new standards for safety, efficiency, and user experience in the medical industry. With its advanced features and meticulous design, this device represents a significant leap forward in medical equipment technology, promising safer and more efficient needle disposal practices for healthcare professionals worldwide.

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