Maine Patent of the Month – October 2020

In recent years, there has been huge interest in electric vehicles – just look at Tesla’s share price. Headlines focus on advancements in technology; however, there are still many limitations that ride along in the passenger seat. Electric cars are much better for the environment and can be equally or even more efficient than their counterparts, but they’re also limited by the shorter distance they can travel, not to mention the lengthy battery charging time. Many companies have used electric generators powered by fossil fuels to extend a car’s range. But why drive an electric car if you’re still reliant on gas?  Stanley Motors, on the other hand, have developed an innovative electric generation system that significantly increases an electric vehicle’s range without fossil fuels.

Stanley Motors’ generator makes electricity by reacting with magnetic and gravitational forces in the surrounding atmosphere. The coils within the generator are sealed with a nano-coating that’s then encapsulated in a gel compound. A ball filled with a gel compound at the centre of the generator guides ambient magnetic and gravitational flow. The coals generate electric waves that are then collected by the generator. The power that’s generated can be stored in the super capacitor pack, then transferred to a battery pack when it’s needed. 

Whether the requirement is to generate or store electricity, this novel generator can be scaled to any size and can be adapted for use in stationary or mobile applications; including electric cars and even power plants. By using supercapacitors in conjunction with batteries in cars we can expect these generators to be more powerful, lighter, and have a longer life expectancy than other current battery-powered cars. The invention also mitigates the need for any fossil fuel or coal use in cars, resolving environmental and safety concerns. 

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