Michigan Patent of the Month – April 2024

Prism Controls, Inc., known for their Poultry Management System for the agriculture industry, has been granted a patent for a new approach to controlling agricultural facilities housing animals, focusing on fire mitigation while ensuring animal safety and wellbeing. By integrating an automated building operational system with an automated thermal event controller, the invention offers a sophisticated approach to regulating the environment within these facilities.

In the event of a thermal event, such as a fire, the system swiftly transitions into a safety-mode condition, activating alarms and notifying system administrators. This proactive response not only mitigates the spread of fire but also preserves the health and safety of the animals housed within the facility.

Key features of the invention include the ability to remotely activate the building operational system between normal-mode and safety-mode conditions, as well as the integration of various automated building operational devices like ventilation fans, exhaust fans, and lighting systems. These devices play a crucial role in maintaining optimal conditions for the animals while also responding effectively to thermal events.

The invention prioritizes safety without compromising animal welfare. For instance, during the safety-mode condition, the automated thermal event controller may entirely deactivate or reduce the function of building operational devices, preventing potential hazards while awaiting confirmation from system administrators.

The method also incorporates advanced monitoring and detection mechanisms, such as temperature sensors, visual observation through thermal imaging devices, and detection of anomalous vibrations or sounds. These features ensure early detection of thermal events, enabling swift intervention to minimize risks.

Additionally, the invention offers flexibility in the response mechanism, allowing for customizable time intervals and sequences of actions based on the severity of the thermal event. This adaptive approach enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the fire mitigation system, reducing the likelihood of false alarms and optimizing the safety of the animals and agricultural facility.

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