Missouri Patent of the Month – June 2024

InnovaPrep LLC has made a name for themselves by making sample preparation tools that bring new levels of efficiency to microbiological workflows. The company has recently pioneered a groundbreaking system designed to revolutionize sample collection and extraction from surfaces. This innovative portable system integrates advanced technology to streamline the process across various fields including human clinical, veterinary, food safety, pharmaceuticals, and environmental monitoring.

At the heart of this invention is a specialized swab equipped with a hollow shaft extending from a head, enabling efficient sample elution. This swab is paired with a portable canister containing pressurized wet foam, housed within a convenient cradle. Upon pressing a dispensing lever, the canister releases the foam through the swab’s hollow shaft, effectively eluting samples from the swab head.

One of the key advantages of this system lies in its ability to uniformly distribute the wet foam through apertures near the swab head. This ensures thorough and consistent elution, crucial for maintaining sample integrity and facilitating downstream analyses.

The system includes a collection receptacle that gathers the eluted foam along with the sample, enhancing usability and minimizing sample loss. This feature is particularly beneficial in field settings where rapid and efficient sample recovery is essential, eliminating the need for extensive laboratory equipment.

The composition of the pressurized foam within the canister is optimized with water, surfactants, buffers, and a water-soluble gas like carbon dioxide or nitrogen. These components facilitate effective sample recovery while maintaining sample stability and integrity throughout the elution process.

In practical terms, this system simplifies sample collection from various surfaces, ranging from clinical environments to food processing facilities and environmental monitoring sites. It improves workflow efficiency by minimizing user steps and equipment requirements, making it ideal for both field and laboratory settings.

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