Missouri Patent of the Month – September 2021

Biometric scanners use scanning and image recognition technology to authenticate users and provide optimal security. Long ago, biometric systems were seen in spy movies, offering protection to their top secret weapons and equipment. But now, we see these features in our every day as we unlock our phones just by looking at them. EveVerify, Inc. has designed a spoof detection system which uses red-eye effects to even further enhance these security features.

Biometric systems use a variety of features to authenticate access including your whole face, an eye-print, or a scan of the iris. The device or system captures an image of the user and performs recognition processes to determine if access should be granted. When someone tries to hack into a system they usually present alternative representations of the authentic user. These are called spoof attacks. EyeVerify uses red eye reflections to create anti-spoof capabilities. Red eye is caused by the reflection of light from a live person’s retina (at the back of their eye) due to the high blood supply. Keep in mind, this only works for real time images of the user’s eye. So if a spoof attack attempts to insert pre-existing images or a 3D face mask for authentication, these will not have live red eye effects. As such, Eyeverify designed a system that can detect if the authentication attempts included a red eye reflection. If no red eye is detected, the system can forego further processing and automatically block the spoof attack. If red eye reflections are detected, it can be assumed to be a live person and continue with regular authentication procedures.

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