Montana Patent of the Month – May 2024

Montana Instruments Corporation, a leader in cryogenics and quantum discovery, has been granted a patent for an innovative quantum processing circuitry cooling system that addresses the critical need for maintaining ultra-low temperatures essential for quantum computing. 

This system is engineered with two independently pressured chambers: the first housing the cooler, and the second containing the quantum processing circuitry. The cooler, within the first chamber, acts as a reliable source of cryogenic temperatures, which are crucial for the stability and performance of quantum processors.

One of the system’s standout features is the thermal coupling between the cooler and the quantum circuitry, which employs a cryofluid. This fluid is channeled through a heat exchanger in the second chamber, ensuring efficient thermal management. Additionally, the inclusion of cryo electronics, also thermally linked to the cooler, further enhances the system’s ability to maintain optimal operating conditions for the quantum circuitry.

The modular design incorporates a sophisticated gas handling system with components such as pumps, compressors, and tanks. This system not only supports the efficient circulation of cryofluid but also allows for the use of multiple types of cryofluid, providing flexible cooling options. The combination of solid conduction thermal links and cryofluid conduits between the chambers ensures robust and consistent cooling performance.

This cooling system by Montana Instruments represents a significant advancement over traditional cryogenic solutions, which are often limited by their design and scalability. By decoupling the pressures in the two chambers and utilizing advanced cryogenic techniques, this system provides a more effective and scalable solution for quantum computing. This breakthrough supports the expansion of quantum technology from small-scale experiments to large-scale, functional quantum computers capable of revolutionizing various industries.

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