Nevada’s Patent of the Month – November 2020

Have you ever seen a skyscraper and wondered how it was painted? Well, typically, they use cranes, scaffolding, and/or painters suspended by ropes . These methods come with many risks to the painters and passers-by below. Not to mention, it can be difficult to revisit the paint site for touch-ups. That’s why developers at Luryto, LLC. have designed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or drone, to minimize the human risk involved in building maintenance. 

Drones have dotted our skies for years, starting in the recreational and military industries and now moving into the commercial realm. Luryto sought to apply this technology to painting high-rises in the hope of reducing injuries and mistakes, not to mention the time and cost involved with hiring and operating heavy machinery like cranes. These drones would have a nozzle connected to a boom that would have sensors to determine their distance from the surface that’s being painted. The drone could then maintain a specific distance (less than 30 cm) from the surface, for accurate paint coverage. The drone could be remotely piloted to hover, or, set on an automated, predetermined flight path (for better precision). The painting nozzle would be connected to a lightweight pump (also carried by the drone); that pump would be connected to a larger pump and paint reservoir on the ground. The combination of these pumps would apply the right pressure to spray an even coat of paint, and mean that the drone doesn’t need to stop for paint refills. Although, Luryto, LLC has also introduced the idea of smaller, refillable options (for those touch-ups we mentioned).   

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