New Hampshire Patent of the Month – June 2024

Orange Photonics, Inc., experts in spectroscopy, have revolutionized terpene analysis with their innovative – and newly patented – vial assembly, designed to enhance both the precision and convenience of terpene collection and analysis. This novel invention features a heat-resistant container paired with a uniquely engineered cap. The cap’s interior is equipped with a medium tailored to bind volatilized terpenes, ensuring efficient and selective capture. By providing a direct connection to analytical instruments, the cap simplifies the process of introducing samples for analysis.

One of the standout elements of this invention is the medium within the cap, which can be customized to include materials like C8 or C18 reverse-phase chromatography material, activated carbon, silica, cellulose, polydimethylsiloxane, or various liquid solvents. This flexibility allows for tailored applications depending on the specific requirements of the analysis. For instance, using a medium such as activated carbon or silica can enhance the specificity of terpene capture, while liquid solvents like hexane or ethanol offer versatility in sample preparation and elution processes.

The vial assembly’s design also includes the option for an additional removable cap and a weigh boat, further streamlining the sample preparation process. This integrated approach not only simplifies the workflow but also significantly reduces the potential for sample contamination or loss, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the analytical results.

In practical terms, the vial assembly allows for the volatilization of terpenes by heating the sample within the container, effectively capturing the terpenes on the medium in the cap. The bound terpenes can then be eluted and directly injected into a chromatography system, facilitating a seamless transition from sample collection to analysis. 

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