New Hampshire Patent of the Month – October 2022

Moto Tassinari, Inc. are the global manufacturers of the VForce4 and VForce3 reed valve systems for two strokes. These VForce reed valve systems provide a boost in bottom end power and allow for a stronger mid-range and longer top-end power. The designs also increase airflow which means more horsepower.

The company has been innovating these valve systems since 1995, revolutionizing the industry for nearly 3 decades. Thanks to this consistent dedication to R&D, the company has recently been granted a new patent for their reed valve design. 

Reed valves have been used in two stroke engine applications to control the fuel-air mixture flow from the carburetor to the cylinder. Moto Tassinari’s design increases the air that reaches the cylinder, further increasing the power output of the engine. While previous attempts at this have been made, they often result in “turbo lag”. This condition occurs when the exhaust system is insufficient to drive the turbocharger which is then unable to rotate fast enough to provide the needed air flow to increase the engine power output, ultimately voiding any benefit of the turbocharger.

Their newly patented design includes a reed valve and air box assembly that better supports the needs of the turbocharger, mitigating any chance at turbo lag. The reed valve, which is positioned within the air box, opens under a positive pressure differential. Once open, it provides additional combustion air to the engine during the transient period when the turbocharger spools. It then closes under a negative pressure differential. By supplementing the air flow during turbo spooling, the power failure of turbo lag is completely avoided.

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