North Dakota Patent of the Month – May 2023

BWR Innovations LLC, or Blue Water Resolute, was founded to automate legacy equipment and innovate fuel cell technology. They work with companies to help automate for productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness using their proprietary sensor technology. 

Recently, the company has developed a system for sterilizing physical spaces to eradicate insects and microorganisms using heat. Traditional methods for disinfection include the use of chemicals, which can be partially effective but can be problematic for many reasons. Insects and microorganisms may develop resistance to chemicals over time, and residuals from chemicals may be hazardous to people and pets. Care is required to carefully contain the chemicals used to only the area to which they are applied during treatment, and to remove all instances of the chemicals used after treatment is completed. Additionally, the use of chemicals is not effective to treat instances of allergens and may contribute to problems of unwanted odors. 

To address these issues, BWR Innovations has developed a system powered by an electric heater that produces localized heating inside hotel rooms or other physical spaces needing heat treatment. The system uses heat as an effective disinfectant agent while avoiding the problems of the known heat-based disinfection systems and methods. The system also provides additional options for treating against microorganisms, pollen, and other allergens and/or unwanted odors employing aerosols, ultraviolet light, and filtration. 

Unlike the traditional methods, BWR’s system is self-contained, unobtrusive, and near silent, allowing a hotel room or other physical space to be treated without drawing unwanted attention or bothering guests in adjacent rooms or spaces. The system may be used to effectively disinfect or sterilize hotel rooms, restaurants, and other physical spaces that are intended to be occupied by people and perhaps animals, from infestations of bed bugs, fruit flies, cockroaches, and other insects.

The BWR Innovations system is a game-changer for the hospitality industry, as it offers a safe, efficient, and discreet method for eliminating pests and harmful microorganisms. The system’s ease of use, low impact on the environment, and ability to address multiple issues simultaneously make it an attractive option for hotel owners, managers, and supervisors.

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