North Dakota Patent of the Month – May 2024

Intelligent Agricultural Solutions LLC develops technologies to bring greater efficiency and yield from every piece of your equipment. Recently, the company was granted a patent for its sectional control funnel box. This innovative technology promises to enhance efficiency and reduce waste during product application by agricultural spreaders.

At its core, the sectional control funnel box is a marvel of engineering ingenuity. It consists of a manifold with multiple chutes extending through it, a movable funnel mechanism, and an actuator. The funnel mechanism, mounted on the manifold, includes several supply sections designed to direct material from an upper receiving opening to select chutes. What sets this invention apart is its ability to dynamically adjust the flow of material, thanks to the actuator driving the funnel mechanism between different positions.

In practice, an agricultural spreader moves across the field, the sectional control funnel box intelligently regulates the distribution of particulate material. Using advanced control circuitry, it determines the spreader’s location relative to treated portions of the field. Based on this information, it generates precise commands for the actuator, which then shifts the funnel mechanism accordingly.

The sectional control system takes things a step further by incorporating geo-positioning data. By receiving real-time location information, it ensures even greater accuracy in material distribution, adapting to the unique contours of each field with unparalleled precision.

The benefits of this invention are manifold. Farmers can say goodbye to inefficient application and wasteful overlap, leading to significant cost savings and improved yield. With the ability to control flow to separate boom sections, the sectional control funnel box maximizes the effectiveness of product application while minimizing waste.

Furthermore, the versatility of this technology extends beyond agricultural spreaders. Its applications are vast, from fertilizer to seed distribution and beyond. By providing a solution to a longstanding challenge in the industry, Intelligent Ag Solutions has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and excellence.

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