Ohio Patent of the Month – June 2024

Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies, Inc., a biomedical technology company, has secured a patent for their state-of-the-art movement disorder treatment system which aims to revolutionize the management of conditions like Parkinson’s disease. 

This innovative system integrates advanced sensors, deep brain stimulation (DBS) devices, and sophisticated data processing to provide a comprehensive solution for monitoring and adjusting treatment in real-time. This massive amount of data is processed using artificial intelligence to effectively quantify movement disorder symptoms. This quantification is crucial to ensuring the treatment plan is tailored to the patient.

The core of this system includes wearable movement sensors attached to the subject’s wrist, which capture detailed movement data related to body motion. These sensors work in tandem with DBS devices implanted in the brain, along with additional sensors that monitor brain signals. The system’s interface seamlessly collects data from these devices and sensors, providing a holistic view of the patient’s condition.

A powerful processor analyzes the collected data, quantifying symptoms such as tremor, dyskinesia, bradykinesia, rigidity, and gait disturbances. The results are displayed on a tuning map, which uses color coding to represent the severity of symptoms. This visual representation aids clinicians in fine-tuning DBS parameters to optimize treatment efficacy, ensuring that the electrical stimulation targets the appropriate brain regions while minimizing side effects.

One of the standout features of this system is its integration with smartphones, enabling remote communication with healthcare providers. This connectivity allows for continuous monitoring and adjustment of treatment protocols based on real-time data, making it especially beneficial for patients in remote areas or those with limited access to specialized care. The system can also correlate movement data with historical records to refine treatment parameters further.

Additionally, the system supports input from patients or clinicians regarding medication schedules, symptom occurrence, and perceived severity, enhancing the precision of symptom tracking and treatment adjustments. By incorporating activity and sleep data, the system offers a comprehensive view of the patient’s condition, facilitating a more personalized approach to treatment.

Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies’ innovative system represents a significant advancement in the management of movement disorders, offering a blend of precise monitoring, real-time data analysis, and remote treatment adjustments. This technology not only improves patient outcomes but also enhances the accessibility and efficiency of movement disorder treatments.

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