Pennsylvania Patent of the Month – July 2021

Pharmaceutical therapeutics are often limited by the time it takes to physically do research and test different potential drug candidates. Conventional drug discoveries require high-throughput screening and have a tendency to be inefficient, limited, dangerous, or not efficacious. Peptilogics Inc. has developed an artificial intelligence engine that generates drug candidates to help speed up this process. 

The AI uses a combination of rational algorithmic discovery and machine learning models to generate candidate drugs. The design space is largely expanded, incorporating drug sequence information, drug activity information, semantic, chemical, and physical information. Through its calculations, the AI engine discovers and analyzes a candidate drug compound that exhibits desired activity, including antimicrobial, neuromodulatory, and cytotoxic abilities. It pulls knowledge and facts from diverse biomedical data, making connections and insights to examine potential interactions of different compounds. The AI works backwards from a defined drug profile. With this AI engine, enhancing drug candidate discovery is a great step toward speeding up the therapeutics pipeline.

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