Pennsylvania Patent of the Month – June 2024

Redshift Sports, LLC is focused on making your riding experience better – from speed to comfort. Recently, the company has designed an automated bicycle lighting system which has earned a patent.

The light system provides new levels of cycling safety and convenience. Unlike traditional pedal-mounted reflectors or basic LED add-ons, this innovative system integrates seamlessly into the pedal itself, offering advanced features that enhance visibility and usability for cyclists, especially during nighttime rides.

At its core, this system incorporates smart LED modules embedded within specially designed pedals. These modules are equipped with sophisticated sensors that detect their orientation—whether forward or rearward—relative to the ground surface. This positional awareness enables the system to automatically adjust the light output: projecting a bright white light when the pedal is forward-facing to illuminate the cyclist’s path, and emitting a vibrant red light when in the rearward orientation to signal to vehicles and pedestrians.

Motion sensors integrated into the pedals further enhance functionality. They detect whether the bicycle is in motion or stationary, dynamically adjusting the LED brightness accordingly. When in motion, the LEDs operate at full power to maximize visibility. Upon coming to a stop, the system intelligently reduces the light output or enters a standby mode to conserve battery, automatically reactivating with the slightest motion to ensure continuous safety.

The design also emphasizes ease of use and flexibility. The LED modules can be easily inserted and removed from the pedal frame, facilitating maintenance and customization. This modular approach is complemented by magnetic retention slots within the pedal, ensuring secure attachment while allowing for quick swaps or adjustments.

In practical terms, this innovation addresses several shortcomings of traditional bicycle lighting solutions. By providing robust forward illumination and clear rearward signaling, it significantly enhances safety for cyclists and improves visibility for surrounding traffic. The integration of motion sensing not only extends battery life but also eliminates the need for manual activation, offering a hassle-free user experience from start to finish.

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