Pennsylvania’s Patent of the Month – November 2020

Bicycles are an excellent mode of transportation: they’re self-reliant, get your heart pumping, and are environmentally friendly. But riding in a big city where theft rates are high can pose a problem. Standard bike locks aren’t able to properly secure a bike for all-day safe-keeping. Bicycles require three points of security: the front wheel, the frame, and the back wheel. The current most secure lock, the U-Lock, can only anchor two of them. So, David Lee Sawhill developed an innovative bike lock station to encourage cyclists to keep riding and commuting to work. 

The new bike lock station is able to secure bikes of many different sizes and styles. It’s made of a durable steel and includes a front wheel well that partially covers the wheel and a lock arm attached to the front wheel well that extends to securely latch the rear wheel and frame to the station. This prevents the front wheel from being accessible and the rear wheel from being separated from the frame and stolen. It also includes an anti-theft feature, preventing tampering through alarms that trigger when force is applied to the lock station. The locks are digital keypads that are powered by solar-charged lithium ion batteries. So, your bike will be safe as long as the sun keeps shining. 

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