South Carolina Patent of the Month – May 2022

Sinusitis, an infection within the nasal sinuses, can last for 4 weeks with symptoms like coughing, facial pressure, and nasal discharge. This congestion and inflammation can be incredibly uncomfortable at the best of times. Healthy Humming, LLC has developed a therapeutic treatment which can reduce this pressure and improve comfort.

The device uses an acoustic vibration against the nasal sinuses. A gas module is also incorporated to provide gas with a positive pressure to the nasal cavity. The device is designed with a nosepiece which covers the nose. A canister provides both the positively pressurized gas and the power needed to run the vibrator. A fan delivers the gas to the nasal cannula and is breathed in by the user. Between the gas and the vibration, the nasal and sinus cavities are stimulated, loosening any compacted mucus and clearing the airway. With a few uses a day for approximately 2 minutes at a time, sinusitis symptoms can be quickly eradicated.

Most other treatments for nasal congestion are sprays or nasal irrigators. Whether a pharmaceutical treatment or irrigator, there are side effects and risks involved. Healthy Humming’s device delivers acoustic vibration and gentle pressure, harnessing the body’s own mechanisms in order to open nasal passages naturally.

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