South Dakota Patent of the Month – February 2023

Modular construction is a serious game-changer in the industry, providing simpler supply-chains, reduced waste, and often safer construction conditions. The concept of modular construction involves building individual sections or “modules” of a structure in a factory setting and then assembling them on-site. This process significantly reduces construction time, provides better quality control, and can save costs, making it a popular choice for various building types, from single-story structures to multi-floor complexes.

However, despite the many benefits of modular construction, there are still limitations that need to be addressed, especially for multi-floor projects. Best Gen Modular Inc. (BestGen) is an innovative company that aims to improve and revolutionize the future of modular building construction. The company has developed a volumetric modular unit that addresses many of the limitations and challenges of modular construction.

One of the primary challenges of modular construction is the height and shipping distance restrictions for highway transport from a modular unit construction plant to a modular building construction site. BestGen’s volumetric modular unit addresses this issue by having a supporting structure fabricated into the floor structure of the unit for traversing unsupported spans with a volumetric modular unit.

Alignment and elevation issues between both stacked and adjacent modular units can also be problematic. BestGen’s volumetric modular unit addresses this issue by having a ceiling structure with varying heights between opposing end wall structures to provide a slope to the roof. This design allows for issues sloping and draining water from exterior surfaces, such as the roof.

Another challenge of modular construction is moisture ingress issues, particularly between the ground and floor of a modular unit. BestGen’s design includes floor support members and chases constructed at a volumetric modular unit factory, which corresponds with the block-outs in the modular building foundation for connecting plumbing.

BestGen’s innovative design also provides a finished interior portion of the unit above the removable floor structure, while the unfinished interior portion is below. This design allows for easy customization and flexibility in construction, as the unfinished interior portion can be finished at the construction site.

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