Tennessee Patent of the Month – May 2022

The Tisdale Group has been putting their 30 years of engineering experience to the test, conducting R&D to develop life-enhancing technologies for the public. One of these inventions includes the design of a liquid nitrogen-based cooling system. This system can provide faster cooling with less equipment and less power needed. 

Their system includes a cooling circuit and a liquid nitrogen-based heat sink. Heat absorbed by the medium circulating through the system is subsequently absorbed by the liquid nitrogen within the heat sink. This causes the liquid nitrogen to vaporize and is then condensed back to liquid form using a helium-based cryo-refrigeration system. The cooling circuit is made of a series of coils which pass around the liquid nitrogen heat sink creating multiple points of contact where heat can be absorbed.

This system provides benefits through its improved internal processing capabilities, making it a multifunctional machine which can be implemented in a range of fields including:

  • Gas processing and liquefaction
  • Atmospheric water generation
  • Data center cooling
  • HVAC replacement
  • Refrigeration

Through testing of their system, they have found it costs significantly less to cool a large-scale system with their device as opposed to a conventional cooling system. For instance, in the case of a large scale server system with 350, 000 watts of computing power, you would need 1.2 million BTU of cooling capability. Conventional systems would need 352, 000 watts to run a suitable cooling system. The Tisdale Group’s design only requires 2, 500 watts. 

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