Utah Patent of the Month – January 2021

We all know how important water is for life. But did you know water can have different qualities, such as being hard or soft? Fresh water that comes from underground can include alkaline earth metals, such as calcium and magnesium. Water containing these minerals is called “hard water.” The minerals in hard water can build up and lead to clogged pipes. Typically, water softening systems combat calcium and magnesium with sodium and potassium in a tank of water. Over time, however, the water becomes saturated with the hard water minerals and the water has to be dumped as it can no longer be softened any further not to mention, there’s often hard water buildup that has to be cleaned. This process is costly and not efficient. Nuvo Residential, LLC might be able to help to soften hard water without pesky buildup with their innovative water treatment system.

Nuvo Residential’s water treatment system uses a device that is connected to a water supply, has two compartments within it, and a flow control device that manages the rate the water flows. The water is divided into two streams, a main stream and a subsidiary stream. The main stream flows above the device through a pipe, while the second stream flows through one of the device’s compartments. The other compartment holds a water treatment composition, composed of citric acid and polyphosphates. The water that flows through the compartments dissolves part of the treatment and carries it to the main stream of water. This results in the mains water supply being softened at a controlled rate while it flows through your pipes. And since no water sits stagnant in a tank, there’s no chance for buildup to occur. 

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