Utah Patent of the Month – June 2024

CoNextions Inc. has been granted a patent for a new approach to soft tissue repair. This innovative system is meticulously engineered to enhance the precision and reliability of soft tissue fixations, addressing common challenges faced during surgical procedures. At the heart of this invention is a sophisticated delivery device that operates through a coordinated mechanism involving a worm drive, a thumb wheel, and a flexible finger element.

The system is housed within a robust structure that incorporates a worm drive threaded over a portion of its length. A manually rotated thumb wheel is positioned around this worm drive, allowing for the precise linear movement of a cartridge towards an anvil where the soft tissue is positioned. As the thumb wheel rotates, the worm drive is propelled forward, guided by the flexible finger element which ensures controlled and accurate advancement.

One of the standout features of this system is the flexible finger element’s ability to flex and disengage from the thumb wheel slots. This design innovation prevents excessive force from being applied to the soft tissue, significantly reducing the risk of tissue damage during the repair process. The flexibility and controlled movement provided by this element ensure that the cartridge, containing the repair device, moves smoothly and safely towards the soft tissue, facilitating a secure and stable fixation.

The device’s adaptability is enhanced by programmable slots within the thumb wheel, allowing for customized adjustments based on the specific requirements of the surgical procedure. This precision engineering ensures that the force applied is meticulously regulated, optimizing the balance between effective repair and tissue preservation.

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