Vermont Patent of the Month – November 2021

Chemical extracts from plants are commonly used to benefit both animals and humans. For instance, digoxin which comes from the foxglove plant can help strengthen heart muscles for those experiencing heart failure. Extracting these elements from a plant can be a complex process. Gildrien Farm, LLC is intimately familiar with these processes, and they specialize in forming their own, optimized processes. 

Recently, they have developed a process to extract the desired product from the phytochemical part of the plant. Phytochemicals are chemicals produced by the plant itself and can exist in fruits, leaves, stems, flowers and roots. Their system mixes the phytochemical-bearing part of the plant with an oil-bearing plant product using a press device. The chemical extract is pulled from the oil mixture in this way. The process can be modified to match the desired extract, adding a constant heat either through an oven or press device and removes the need for chemical solvents to pull out the extract. A screening device can separate the phytochemical bearing part of the plant from the rest of it. For instance, to extract mint from the plant, the leaves can be separated and pressed. 

Gildrien Farm’s process has provided a simple, straightforward process to obtain the desired extract without introducing additional solvents or extraneous steps.

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