Washington Patent of the Month – June 2023

When it comes to improving athletic performance and promoting muscle recovery, compression garments have long been a popular choice among athletes and individuals with circulation issues. These garments provide support to muscles, enhance blood flow, and reduce muscle stiffness and soreness. Ventrk, LLC, a software company focused on empowering better decisions and improving results for a stronger and healthier lifestyle, has entered into this compression market, patenting a new and personalized solution.

Ventrk has designed a novel compression garment system that combines motion-conducive equipment, smart sensors, actuators, and a sophisticated control system to create a truly customized compression experience. The core concept behind Ventrk’s invention is simple enough: the compression level of the garment adjusts dynamically based on the wearer’s movement and physiological characteristics. This solution is a testament to the phrase “simplicity is key”.

The garment system comprises a flexible compression garment that snugly fits onto various body parts, such as arms or legs. Embedded within this garment are sensors capable of detecting a wide range of characteristics associated with the wearer’s movement or physiological state. These sensors collect data and transmit it as sensing signals to the control system.

Connected to the control system are actuators strategically positioned in the garment. These actuators respond to the sensing signals and can selectively constrict or dilate the compression garment, providing targeted compression or relieving compression as needed. The control system, equipped with memory and control electrical circuitry, receives the sensing signals and compares them to predefined profiles and operational programs stored in its memory.

This intelligent control system takes into account factors such as the wearer’s age, preferences, target pace, pulse, distance, duration, or intensity of movement. By correlating the sensing signals with the selected profile, the control system directs the actuators to adjust the compression level of the garment accordingly. This real-time adaptability ensures optimal muscle functioning and joint support during physical activities, such as cycling or rowing.

Furthermore, the garment system is compatible with a variety of exercise equipment, including cycles, treadmills, elliptical trainers, and more. The sensors can be integrated into handles, pedals, or other parts of the equipment, allowing seamless data collection without hindering the user’s performance.

Ventrk’s invention adds a personalized tough to compression garment technology. With its ability to monitor and respond to the wearer’s needs in real-time, this system maximizes the benefits of compression, enhances athletic performance, and accelerates post-workout recovery. 

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