Washington Patent of the Month – May 2024

The world of bicycle storage is evolving, and Sportworks Global LLC is leading the charge with their innovative rotatable bicycle storage carousel. Traditional methods of bicycle storage, whether it’s hanging hooks in garages or pull-in racks in public areas, have their limitations. But Sportworks has engineered a solution that promises to revolutionize bicycle storage as we know it.

Imagine a carousel, like the ones you find at amusement parks, but instead of horses, it’s filled with bicycles. This ingenious design allows for the dense storage of bicycles in a vertical orientation, maximizing space efficiency while ensuring easy access. This encourages the average person to bike without having to worry about storing a bike in their apartment or home.

Sportworks’ rotatable bicycle storage carousel features an elongated central core that can rotate about a central axis. Attached to this core are multiple bicycle storage assemblies, each designed to securely hold a bicycle in place. These assemblies are stacked at alternating heights, preventing handlebars and pedals from interfering with each other.

Each storage assembly consists of a barricade and a wheel hook, ensuring that bicycles are stored securely and preventing access to adjacent bicycles. Additionally, a wheel cradle underneath the wheel hook provides additional support, ensuring that the bicycle remains stable while stored.

Sportworks’ carousel includes features such as a lift assist to facilitate lifting bicycles onto the storage assemblies, a damping member to control rotational velocity, and a stop position unit to ensure precise positioning of the carousel.

One of the most exciting aspects of Sportworks’ invention is its practical applications. Whether it’s in outdoor parking facilities, residential complexes, or commercial buildings, the rotatable bicycle storage carousel offers a versatile solution to bicycle storage needs. Its compact footprint and modular design make it easy to deploy and customize according to specific requirements.

Sportworks’ carousel addresses many of the shortcomings of traditional bicycle storage methods. It offers excellent density, full bicycle security, ease of deployment, modularity, and cost-effectiveness. By eliminating wasted space and providing intuitive user interfaces, Sportworks is shaping the future of bicycle storage.

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