Washington Patent of the Month – October 2021

Online gaming, internet activities, large scale computing infrastructures, and other systems produce and work with massive amounts of data every day. These data quantities are referred to as Big Data as they are beyond the processing capability of a typical database system. Big Data uses iterative calculation to keep up with the data being produced, reusing previous calculator results to avoid repetitive and redundant calculations. However, with this process,w e see complications in the stacking of rounded numbers leading to errors. Rounding should only ever be applied to the final value of a calculation – but if we reuse the previous calculated results, we may use a rounded value and this process can continue – leading to large errors. Cloud & Stream Gears, LLC has developed a way to eliminate this rounding error accumulation.

To eliminate this rounding error accumulation, Cloud & Stream Gears designed a mechanism to re-initialize components used in the iterative calculations. This eliminates the rounding errors in the iterative calculation as it goes, rather than allowing them to become larger and larger. It requires iteratively calculating a function for a first computation, all the while incrementally calculating the function for backup computation windows which have been started at different points. Once the primary window reaches a predefined size, it becomes a backup computation window. As this changes, the previous backup window becomes a primary window. This allows a constant computation to run without allowing rounding errors to accumulate. With this, Cloud & Stream Gears can improve performance in any data analysis.

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