Monitoring Initiative Grants

Monitoring Initiative Grants are part of the Water Pollution Control (Section 106) Grants programs of the EPA. The EPA focuses on assisting states, interstate agencies, and tribes with implementing necessary water pollution control programs. The Monitoring Initiative’s objective is to track and report on the nation’s water condition and changes in a scientific defensible manner. Funds from the Monitoring Initiative grants may be used for enhancing existing monitoring programs and the development of statistically valid reports of water conditions and changes.

Available funds are allocated between enhancing and monitoring strategies and report development. The majority of the funds are allocated to enhancing existing strategies  but are only allocated by state requiring eligible interstate agencies to share the grant funds. Awarded reporting funds are typically $8,000 per participant. Eligible participants are restricted to:

  • States
  • Interstate agencies
  • Tribes

Each category has there own application forms but also require applicants to include their general information; however, individual certifications are simply marked on the application. Supplementary information should include:

  • General Information
  • Background
  • Agreed upon Guidelines

– Allocation formula
– Workplans
– Preparation Guidelines

Applications may be obtained from the EPA website and must be submitted prior to the deadline. Questions and feedback should be forwarded to the EPA.

Incentive TypeGrant Program
Eligible SectorGovernment
CategoryFinancial Incentive
Time PeriodFY 2015
Governing BodyEnvironmental Protection Agency
What’s it worth?$10,000,000