Wisconsin Patent of the Month – May 2024

NitricGen, Inc. is developing a novel gaseous nitric oxide (NO) delivery system, the eNOGenerator, for the treatment of slow or difficult to heal wounds. This newly patented system offers a method for generating NO in controlled and accurate amounts with low levels of impurities. NO, with its myriad applications in both biological and medical domains, has long been sought after for its beneficial effects, ranging from promoting plant growth to treating various medical conditions.

Traditionally, methods for generating NO have been limited by challenges such as electrode wear, impurity formation, and inefficiency. NitricGen addresses these limitations head-on, providing a solution that not only produces NO reliably but also ensures precise control over its concentration and flow rate.

At the heart of NitricGen’s invention lies an innovative approach to electric discharge plasma reactions, leveraging controlled pulses of electricity across electrodes to induce the production of NO  from an oxygen-nitrogen gas mixture. Unlike previous methods, NitricGen’s electronic control circuit allows for independent regulation of pulse frequency and duration, offering unparalleled flexibility and accuracy in NO generation.

One of the key advantages of NitricGen is its ability to produce NO efficiently without excessive electrode wear or impurity formation. By optimizing the electric discharge process, NitricGen minimizes energy consumption while maximizing NO output, resulting in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

NitricGen incorporates advanced sensing technology to monitor the electric discharge process in real-time, ensuring consistent and reliable NO production. This eliminates the need for cumbersome gas monitors, streamlining the operation and maintenance of the apparatus.

In medical applications, NitricGen holds immense promise for various treatments, including wound healing, anti-microbial therapy, and pulmonary vasodilation. By delivering nitric oxide in precise concentrations, NitricGen enables targeted and effective treatment strategies, improving patient outcomes and reducing the risk of adverse effects.

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