Arkansas State Incentives


State Credit Name: The state of Arkansas offers 4 different credits for research and development:

  1. In-House Income Research Tax Credit
  2. In-House Research by a Targeted Business Tax Credit
  3. Research and Development in Area of Strategic Value Tax Credit
  4. University Based Research and Development Tax Credit

Expiration Date: Indefinite

Who Can Apply? Corporations and flow-through entities

Credit Carry Forward: Unused credit in each incentive can be carried forward for 9 years.

About the Credit:

  1. In-House Research Income Tax Credit: Qualified companies that conduct “in-house” research that are eligible for the federal R&D credit may qualify for the Arkansas In-House R&D Credit. The credit rate is 20% of QRE’s that surpass the base year, for a period of 3 years and the incremental increase in QRE’s for the following two years.  For a start-up in-house research facility, the base year is zero, meaning the first 3 years following the date of the financial incentive agreement, all eligible expenditures can qualify for the credit.
  2. In-House Research by a Targeted Business Tax Credit: Under the authority of the AEDC Executive Director, a targeted business may be granted income tax credits equal to 33% of the QRE’s incurred each year for up to five years. The application for this credit must include a project plan, the expenditures plan, the start and end dates of the project and an estimated total project costs. QRE’s are made up of in-house expenses for taxable wages paid and supplies used in the conduct of qualified research. The QRE’s must pass the federal 4-part test to qualify. Income tax credit for R&D earned by targeted businesses may be sold.
  3. Research and Development in Area of Strategic Value Tax Credit: This credit is for qualifying business that invest in:
    • in-house research in an area of strategic value, meaning research in fields having long-term economic or commercial value to the state, and that have been identified in the R&D plan approved from time to time by the Board of Directors of the Arkansas Science and Technology Authority; or
    • a research and development project offered by the Arkansas Science and Technology Authority.
  4. University Based Research and Development Tax Credit: A qualifying business that contracts with at least one     Arkansas college or university conducting R&D may qualify for a 33% income tax credit for QRE’s.

Notes: Each credit can offset 100% of a taxpayer’s tax due in a given year.

Click here to find out if you qualify for the federal research credit.

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