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Companies across the country are collectively claiming vast amounts in R&D tax credits, thanks to the strategies put in place by their advisors. Unfortunately, so many more business could benefit from these incentives, if only they had consultants at hand, sharing the information with them. Here at Swanson Reed, we are trying to change that. We are a group of R&D tax advisors and consultants ready to reduce your tax liability by showing you the benefits of capitalizing on government incentives to research and enact the development of new products and technologies at home. Whether you operations are located in Chicago to Denver, Nashville to St Louis, Detroit to Huntsville, or anywhere in between, trust that we can help you.

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If you have allocated a percentage of your business’s resources towards researching new strategies, developing alternate product lines, trialling supportive software, or even merely improving existing functions, then it is likely you are eligible to receive R&D tax credits. This can potentially help your organisation boost cash flow, create less risk when trialling new processes, and promote improvements in products or services to remain competitive.

Our team understands the intricacies that surround R&D tax credits. Whether you know you are eligible for a R&D tax incentive or need our advisors to let you know if you are eligible, we are equipped to help you. One of our R&D tax consultants will run a research and development tax credit calculation to provide an accurate calculation regarding the tax relief your business may be eligible for. With assistance from industry leading professionals, alongside unparalleled customer service, Swanson Reed is where you need to visit to understand everything to do with research and development tax incentives.

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If you’re in a rush, simply call 1-844-467-9267 or take advantage of our live chat feature to get the R&D tax information you need today. We look forward to assisting you!