BRAIN Initiative: Next-Generation Invasive Devices for Recording and Modulation in the Human Central Nervous System

Incentive Type:Grant Program
Medical, Clinical Research
Eligible Sector:
Financial Incentive
Time Period:
FY 2015
Governing Body:National Institute of Health
What’s it worth?:$2,000,000 – $13,500,000

The Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) initiative was developed as a Presidential project to support studies of the human brain. This program focuses on seven research areas:

  • Parts list
  • Maps
  • Brain in Action
  • Causes
  • Fundamental Principles
  • Human Neuroscience
  • From BRAIN Initiative to the brain

This program is scheduled to be funded for 12 years, to end in 2025, aimed to map circuits, measure fluctuating patterns and activity, and understand how brains interplay creates behavioral capabilities.

Applications are due by 5:00 PM on April 26, 2016; however they encourage applicants to apply early enough to allow corrections to be made prior to the deadline. These grants can be applied for electronically and requires the completion of a general application and SF424 Forms, Version C, and three sets of agreement forms:

  • Memoranda of Understanding
  • Template Confidential Disclosure Agreements
  • Template Collaborative Research Agreements

Eligible projects must have:

  • Comprehensive Supporting Data
  • Compelling case for successful IDE submission
  • Overall device development plan
  • Identifications of one or more device outcome measures

The duration of these grants will not exceed five years. Eligible applicants include higher education institutions, nonprofits, for-profit organizations, governments, and other pre-approved organizations; eligible individuals must work with their organization to submit an application.