Texans Feeding Texans – Surplus Agricultural Products Grant Program

Incentive Type:Grant Program
Agricultural, Food
Eligible Sector:
Financial Incentive
Time Period:
FY 2015
Governing Body:Texas department of agriculture
What’s it worth?:Not mentioned

The purpose of the Surplus Agricultural Products Grant Program is to collect and distribute surplus products from farms to provide to low-income individuals and families by filtering distribution through nonprofit organizations. Grant applications may be submitted by 501(c)3 organizations that:

  • Operate for religious, charitable, or educational purposes
  • Are not focused on financial gain
  • Do not distribute any income to members, directors, or officers
  • Have at least five years of experience coordinating state wide food banks that serves each county in the state

Qualifying agriculture includes:

  • Fish
  • Consumable aquatic species
  • Livestock product
  • Livestock by-product
  • Poultry product
  • Poultry by-product
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Any consumable product appropriate for human consumption

Selected applicants are fully responsible for the management of the project including monitoring and ensuring statutes and regulations are adhered to. Grantees are required to ensure:

  • Funds are used only for approved project activities.
  • Fund usage does not violate the grant agreement.
  • Reports are completed and submitted in a timely manner.

Applications must be received prior to the deadline to be considered for participation. Applications may be mailed or emailed to TDA. Applications should include:

  • Application Form GTBD-110
  • Project Proposal (not to exceed six pages)
  • Budget

Funds may be used for:

  • Personnel cost
  • Supplies and direct operating expenses
  • Contracts
  • Indirect expenses not to exceed 10% of direct expenses
  • Controlled Assets of less than $5,000

Priority is given to the most relevant and effective applications with the biggest impact. Determination is upon a case-by-case basis by the TDA.